Night at the museum

Posted: April 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Sunday nights are great, probably my favorite of the entire week. It is the time of real rest following a week’s worth of prep for Sunday morning.

Every week is busy – some more than others. Many times it depends on “the wow factor”. That is the term used by the UC pastoral team to describe an out-of-the-ordinary moment during the Sunday service …

“Wows” come in many forms. They really are what makes being part of the UC so much fun. Some wows are planned. Others are not. I just love the wows … those awesome God moments … that surprise us all, especially the staff!

It’s been a trip to watch how the services come together. And I can say this with certainty, leave God out of the planning, and Sunday morning will be missing something. Since our staff puts Jesus first 24/7, planning the services without Him is out of the question!

By Sunday evening, you can find the UC pastoral families at rest. Ours included. Tonight, it was steaks on the grill and watching “Night at the Museum”. I had seen the movie on a red-eye flight about a month ago, but worth seeing again – this time curled up on the couch.

That whacky Ben Stiller was just what the doctor ordered for tonight’s “chill time”.

  1. kristi says:


    I just absolutely love reading your blogs it keeps on track and allows me to live in the moment. Keep up the good work.


  2. Andy says:

    I want to thank you and Joe getting me to want to come back into the church. If you don’t remember I used to go to Two Rivers but I haven’t seen a church for a few years. I was planning to come thispass Sunday but I got called into work, I am hoping to be there this Sunday

  3. pcase says:

    Andy – allow me to reply right back to you and say ‘come on home’. We look forward to seeing you at the UC! This Sunday promises to be awesome!

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