Oh it is lookin’ good down south

Posted: June 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve got my eye on the Gulf Coast.  No sign of a hurricane next week.  That is good enough for me…

In years past, we’ve literally driven all the way to the Gulf, only to be thrown out of the area due to an impending hurricane.  I believe Hurricane Earl was the last one that sent us packing after only a couple of days.

The forecast for next week looks much more promising. I can handle the isolated and scattered showers type of forecast.  You see – down there, that means “mostly sunny until about mid afternoon, then a shower will come in and cool things off.”  

Heck, that afternoon shower is simply a cue for me to come inside and get ready to eat a killer seafood dinner – go early and beat the tourist crowds!   

I can’t wait to get the party started – WAHOO!!


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