We are like “where’s Waldo?”

Posted: June 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

pamontheairportflooragain.jpgWondering where I’ve been?  Well, I’ve been on vacation with my family!  

Most times, I travel with my work team, like in the photo above from a couple of weeks ago where ONCE AGAIN I was captured sitting on an airport floor (thanks Betsy for the photo!)  What is THAT about? …

thebeach.jpgBut THIS week, it has been all about being with my husband, youngest daughter and one of her dearest friends.   Wow, it’s been a great one.  At least for me.  You’ll have to read Joe’s blog at www.joecase.com to find out why his vacation experience was ‘just a little different’ than mine.

But as for me and for the girls, it’s been beach and pool time – almost constantly.  My poor skin will pay for it.  You see,  I had sworn off tanning for the last three years.  What did I do?  I’ve tanned myself good this year – and it’s probably added ten years to my skin. Dog gone it.

So it’s back to my dedicated skincare program, including a good facial!   If my friend Jillian from the UC is reading this, I better stock up on some of those anti-aging products you sell!  It’s time for another spa party anyway!

I’m just checking in – more soon – with some photos from our time away!  I sure have missed you guys!   I’d love to hear from ya, too – so lay some comments on me if you get a chance!   

chelsrebeccahats.jpgHere’s one more photo for now – it’s Chelsea and her friend Rebecca IN THE GROCERY STORE near the beach!  Those hats have a story – so make sure you ask them about it next time you see them.  They were a real hoot!

  1. tsm says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh fun! A beach vacation! I’m not gonna see a beach this year. But, Terry and Jessye are…next week. Maggie has no idea that’s where the youth trip will be this summer. She would be REALLY upset. So, we’re just keeping the destination on the down-low.

  2. pcase says:

    Gotcha Trace – so we’ll keep this one on the DL. Yeah, beach was great. Water was the most beautiful blue-green and very clear. It’s taken me a awhile to get used to being back home. I’m as chilled out as I have been in a long time! Miss ya!

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