The next best thing …

Posted: June 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

So, if you can’t sleep right on the sandy beach, do what Chelsea and Rebecca did.   Just drag your mattress and blankets out on the deck … check out what I’m talkin’ about …chelsrebeccasleeping-small.jpgFrom 12 floors above the emerald coastline, Chels and Rebecca stayed out there all night.  They talked and talked, well into the early morning hours, then woke up with the waves roaring.  Obviously, Rebecca needed to cover her head to minimize that roar! LOL!

Honestly, after spending nearly a week together, I am SHOCKED those two girls had ANY words left to say to each other.  

But, you know what?  THAT is what friendship is all about.  

They’ve known each other since 1st grade.  They had the same teacher that first year, becoming close friends while throwing crayons back and forth in Mrs. Lee’s classroom.  They also played years of recreational soccer together.   In addition, Chelsea and Rebecca have surrounded each other with a host of other very nice young ladies through the years who all still remain the best of friends today. 

We adults could learn alot about relationships from these two … about how to treat each other, reach out to each other and hang in there with each other – even in the tough times!  

Thanks, Chelsea and Rebecca, for your gentle reminder on what friendship really is!


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