Psycho Pets

Posted: June 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

So, one of the toughest things to do when you have a pet menagerie like we do, is find someone(s) to keep a mindful eye on the zoo when you’re on vacation. 

This year, we managed to bribe encourage ANOTHER unsuspecting UC praise & worhship leader to “pet sit” for us while we were away (this is not the first time we’ve done this to a P&W family) …

A few years ago, praise team leaders Terry and Tracey Malone were our pet sitter “guinea pigs”.  I recall the story of Terry having to turn one of the kennels on its side and literally “shake” it until Gizzie (one of our two chiquaquas) would plop out on the floor from “her house”.  It was quite traumatic (more for Terry than Gizzie).  I still love to hear the Malones tell that story.

This time, the UC’s Matthew and Chel did the honors.  When we arrived back home from vacation, it was great to hear our little dogs chattin’ it up for us as we unlocked the front door.   We played with them briefly and gave ’em a quick walk around the yard, before heading up to crash for the night.

Meanwhile, my Himilayan cat, was missing.  Now understand, she wasn’t REALLY missing. I had already heard from Matthew that he and Chel hadn’t seen her all week.  Since there had been evidence she was drinking her water and eating the last seven days, no one really worried.  She was, at least, SOMEWHERE!

Well, her little game continued for a while after we came home.  Once she finally came out of “hiding”, she was NOT speaking to me.   She wandered in and out of the rooms of the house, with her nose turned totally up to the sky.  Finally, she hopped up on the bed, and circled us for about 20 minutes (just to make sure it was really us – and that we were here to stay).

Then, downstairs where the dogs “live”, they were doing nothing short of “howling” like wolves!   What the heck!  This went on for 30 minutes or so.  I know I looked at my clock and it was 3am!

There was a moment when I told Joe that I felt like I was in a bad Stephen King movie – and that in a matter of moments our pets could turn on us and claw our eyes out!

Today, the parrot is rambling on and on … the dogs are no longer sounding like werewolves … and my big fluffy cat has returned to walking across my notebook computer to get my attention.   Ahhhh …. back to normal.


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