And it begins

Posted: July 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, summer is over. Not really, but sort of. When you are the parent of a band student, your summer ends when the new band year begins. Today marked that day …

2007-08 is a huge year around our house. I’ll be bringing this up often, so you might want to get used to my ramblings on the subject of our time.

With the beginning of Chelsea’s senior year comes a lot on our calendar. Her band practice schedule is wild. She has TWO new band directors at the high school. As field commander, she has a seven minute show she must learn to direct by first field performance on August 31.

School starts Aug. 6. Then, Friday night football games, working concession stands – plus Saturday band competitions begin Sept. 15 and end Nov. 3.

More senior portraits (Freddy B. get ready), ACT tests and college applications are yet to come, too. Throw in two or three bridal showers, Stephanie’s wedding and a HUGE reception three weeks later.

Weaved throughout all of this, we have a total commitment to God’s work through UpRising Church. In fact, THAT is what keeps everything in perspective.

It’s gonna be a great year and I’m glad you’ll be joining us along the way – so let the games begin!

  1. tsm says:

    Yes, we’ve got one more week before band camp cranks up here, too. Jessye’s first year in high school, and her first year to march with the high school band. Should be interesting hearing what high schoolers are like through Jessye’s FRESHMAN perspective.

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