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Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a closet Dr. Phil viewer.  Not everyday, but on occasion. Here’s the deal …

Yesterday, I had a regular dental appointment (I really don’t mind going to the dentist at all).   The dentist office is set up nicely with television monitors so that I can watch TV while they clean my teeth. 

My apppointment time fell right in the middle of an interesting Dr. Phil program that grabbed my attention.  It was all about clutter in your home and how that clutter can affect your mood, even your feeling of self worth.   Okay, before you start saying “Pam, get up and change the channel …”, hear me out.

I had been noticing a disconnect within me as it relates to my house.  Yes, that place where I park in the garage everyday .. that place our family congregates from time to time for a meal .. that place where we lay our heads at night. 

Then, as I watched Dr. Phil’s show yesterday on how clutter in your home can affect your mood, etc. – I realized that I was dealing with that exact thing! 

Let me begin by saying that our downstairs at home is very livable.  Overall, it is clean and organized (other that what is going on in my kitchen cupboards).   I do need to mention that we have the most hidious wallpaper EVER in the kitchen and dining room – we have not changed it in 12 years in hopes that it could come back “in style” again.  I seriously doubt that will EVER happen.   Then, go upstairs – THAT is another story altogether.  

Now that there are officially only three of us living in our house, we have two bedrooms that are nothing more than storage spaces.  Heck, one of them is literally my clothes closet!   The second storage bedroom houses my ironing board, old prom dresses from Stephanie, baby clothing, photos, sleeping bags, old electronic equipment and stacks of junk that I am most certain I could throw out and no one would miss.   Oh yeah, and my parrot lives in there!

Chelsea’s room is also in desperate need of a makeover – one I promised her we would do and haven’t.  It’s painted lemon yellow  – with some border on, some border torn off – from the beginnings of a remodeling project that began some 18 months ago. Gross.

And that 12-year-old construction grade carpeting in all four of our bedrooms, and the lineoleum flooring in the upstairs bathrooms, is about to send me over the edge.   ALL needs to be replaced – maybe astroturf would wear better!

Bottom line, I am being burdened by the disorganized piles, the bad carpeting, and overall clutter sitting in about 1,000 square feet of our house.

I will say it was good to find out, by watching Dr. Phil, that I am not alone. 

In fact, it was a LOL moment when one of the women being interviewed on TV about clutter in her home shared that her full-time job is working at THE CONTAINER STORE!!!  For the love, if my job was working FULL TIME at The Container Store, you could bet your bottom that everything I had in piles would be stocked, stacked and stored in some nifty colorful plastic containers.  I could live with that!

Bottom line – on those days where I may seem distant – or there’s something heavy on my mind – it could be as simple as my need for “Clean Sweep” (the TV show) to come to my house and reorganize my life!  Or, at least drop off about 30 of those large, colorful plastic storage containers!!  

Otherwise, the rest of my life ROCKS!

  1. jdellis says:

    If your trying to decide whether to keep things or not, it’s pretty simple. If you have to think for more than 5 seconds about whether to keeping something, either sell it or trash it. Or if your married to me, I just throw it away when you’re out of the house (don’t tell Julie).

  2. Vicky says:

    Yes, I have to totally agree CLUTTER changes our mind-set and bogs us down and when it gets out of hand we tend to be over whelmed with not knowing where to start so, we start no where. Not to mention when we decide to tackle that tedious job we have to go through that horrid de-bonding stage with nothing more then junk. I find it to be startling that; we don’t want it, have no use for it, but can’t still get rid of it because of that dreaded what if syndrome. My answer for that is: What if does not exist so don’t even go there. Get rid of it.

    Here are some words of encouragement to all who suffer with clutter: Yes, it will take time and yes, it is hard to let go but the over all out come far out weights the bondage that the clutter keeps us under. Becoming unchained from bondage clutter is very freeing.

  3. pcase says:

    Thanks for the comments. Funny, but I actually wrote this blog about clutter before sharing the story with Joe.

    We talked about it last night, and he totally agreed with me. In fact, we had some interesting ideas for future Sunday messages out of it.

    Plus, I believe we are going to begin attacking some of the clutter, as early as this weekend. And I totally agree that clutter becomes a form of bondage. And I SO want to release that type of ridiculous stronghold!

    Good stuff!

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