Blowin’ up the house

Posted: July 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

Clutter – look out! Okay, as mentioned in a blog earlier in the week, I am convicted about the world of clutter at our house. I feel a cleansing coming on …

Never before have I been more fired up about something. My daughter started the process yesterday by unloading much of the “stacks” from our master bedroom into the hallway upstairs.

So, if you drop by, upstairs is off limits. It’s a maze up there to get from room to room. But it is also a picture of hope.

We are beginning the transition of rearranging furniture – cleaning behind things that haven’t been touched in a while. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve got to clean behind furniture that has been up against walls and impossible to get behind.

Are we happy about this? Well, not right this minute. We don’t mind some physical labor, but the master bedroom alone is an all day task. Note, I am blogging while we are breaking for lunch, then we’ll hit it hard this afternoon before church staff meeting. (LOL – the work of the pastor never ends – even in housework!)

Thanks, my Joe, for hopping in there and supporting the efforts to turn away from clutter and look toward the light! Relaxation in a cleaner, rearranged and more organized space is just a few hours away!

  1. kristi says:


    If you have any tips please let me know, I truly do need to organize the clutter at my house.


  2. pcase says:

    Here are a couple of late night tips, based on today:

    #1 If you have taken out of the cluttered room, do not bring it back in. Use it or throw it away. (Have plenty of those 30 gallon trash bags on hand)

    #2 Make sure you allow plenty of time for the unforeseen – like the moving of heavy furniture, dusting, spot cleaning carpet stains (and waiting for it to dry), etc.

    #3 Wash linens at the same time, so the room really feels fresh.

    #4 Determine how many and who you might need to ask over for some “heavy lifting”. I am a lightweight when it comes to moving big furniture around – so get some help. (we are actually holding off until tomorrow to finish our project because we need some extra hands)

    #5 Hold your tongue if you get frustrated. Spewing out some lame attacks on your helper could bring your work to a grinding halt – avoid at all costs.

    #6 Don’t get bummed if you didn’t finish on your schedule. There is always tomorrow.

    Hope this helps.

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