Clutter Update

Posted: July 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

Okay – so here is the clutter update. We’re not done, but believe we will be sometime before our heads hit pillows tonight.  It will definitely take some type of bribery to get it wrapped up.

We are SO close. We’ve thrown away a lot. We’ve stored what we need to keep in our attic (where there is tons of storage we have never used). We’ve done a lot of clean up work.

But that stinkin’ BIG TV is still in there ’cause I can’t help load it onto the dolly for easier travel out of the bedroom. I’ve challenged Joe to do whatever it takes to bribe some unknowing soul to come over and use some elbow grease. This TV is way to big for upstairs – and will soon find it’s way to another location where it makes more sense.

Looks like, if I were to guess at this point (3:30pm Sunday) we have about two-three total hours left. Obviously, I’m not working on it this moment because my help is cat-napping.

Joe’s eyes are closed (holding the TV remote control) while he “listens??” to afternoon golf. It’s the perfect picture of what ALL pastors should be doing after Sunday services and a good mid-day meal!

More later – I’ll let you know how this plays out.


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