Posted: July 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Life is full of transitions … passages from here to there.  That is exactly where I am as I move from one role at my office into another …

It’s been a really busy week – with some very long days.  It’s not that this has come as a surprise.   I knew when I said yes to my new position that there would be a few weeks of give and take.

Wow – this week has been a wild one.   We have worked out plans to transition my work to my current manager so that I may be working in full force in my new position by August 1.  I have 3 days out of my office which includes a quick business trip to Dallas.  That doesn’t leave me much time to wrap up the “old work” – so I am doing a lot of it at home in the evenings.

Meanwhile, most of my office time during the day is about my learning curve for the new role. It’s actually awesome – I love learning new things – or learning more about something I knew just a little bit about the week before.

The next few days are critical, but the weekend is upon us.

I’ll dedicate a good portion of time this weekend visiting bakeries and shopping prices for wedding cakes.  If you feel led to ride around town with me, girl talk and look for wedding and groom cakes, let me know!

Plus, I’ll spend some time in our family photo albums to find “little girl photos” of Stephanie that we need for the wedding video that will be presented at the reception.  Hard to believe how close we are to this big event!

Ahhhhhh – another transition!


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