Really Cool Gift

Posted: July 21, 2007 in Uncategorized


My hubby just surprised me with the coolest gift! The photo here represents the “old version” of my gift that was used by Vincent van Gogh in the 1800’s. Do you know what it is? oldmoleskine.jpg

moleskine-notebook.jpginsidemoleskin.jpginsidemoleskin.jpgmoleskine-notebook.jpgmoleskine-notebook.jpg This 2007 version didn’t cost tons of money.

In fact, it was less than $20. But that’s not the point.                   insidemoleskin.jpginsidemoleskin.jpginsidemoleskin.jpg

The gift was a Moleskine Notebook (prounouced mol-a-skeen’-a). They actually have a rich history. These notebooks were originally used by Europeon artists, writers, thinkers, etc. beginning almost two centuries ago. In addition to van Gogh, artist Picasso and author Ernest Hemingway made use of the moleskine notebooks. WHOA!

But by the end of the 20th century they went away (the last known French manufacturer of the notebook closed in 1986). Some 12 years later, a Milanese company began manufacturing them again. Now, they are being used much like they were hundreds of years ago – capturing thoughts, events, unique experiences … simply a place to journal discoveries, perceptions and anything else the author or artist might want to pen.

Now I have one. It is SO simple. It’s just a black notebook, 240 white lined pages. It has a black elastic band that helps keep it closed. Plus, a ribbon bookmark for holding my place – and a hidden pocket in the back – in case I need to hold onto a note, business card, so something like that for future reference. I have a sweet note from Joe on the back page, too!

It’s just flippin’ awesome – I can’t wait to begin using it as I journal my way through life’s passages in my Moleskine!

  1. Tim Kurek says:

    Aren’t they awesome! GOTTA LOVE IT!


  2. Shirley says:

    Had not heard Van Gogh used these books. Cool, indeed.

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