Desperate for Jesus

Posted: July 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

This weekend I have been desperate for Jesus. Truthfully, I find myself in that state most all the time…

And you know what? I believe that is exactly where God wants us – desperate for Him!

I have been in Dallas the past two days at a wonderful women’s conference at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. The conference name and theme? Desperate for Jesus, of course! This year, we focused on being “released” and it was awesome. Everyone felt the power of the presence of God at this place. And Babbie Mason led the worship – how awesome is that?!!

I went for the first time last summer. I committed then that I would return this year and I’m so glad I did. Over 2,000 women attended this year. One of my favorite parts of going to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is spending a little time with Priscilla and Jerry Shirer.

Priscilla is one of our authors for the publisher where I work. She is one terrific Bible teacher! She’s also the most incredible wife and mother. I am so thankful to have opporutnities to interact with her – and husband Jerry, too! Priscilla was the hostess for this weekend’s DFJ event at the church she has attended all her life – as the pastor’s daughter! She is the daughter of none other than Dr. Tony Evans. I’ve been watching him for years on TV – but it is even a better treat to hear this gifted speaker in person.

I just got home a few moments ago and I am pooped with about 18 hours on my feet in the last 24. But I am also spiritually recharged. God’s timing is so good, as He knew I was needing a time of renewal.

Now, I’m home for a while. With my new job responsibilities, my travel schedule will be a bit more under control. Be in prayer for me as the transition takes place this coming week.

But before I begin this new road – I’m taking Monday off for a “ME” day – the rare opportunity for me to do what I want to do all day. I can’t wait. And in case no one has ever recommended you do that – ME DAYS are imperative for a woman’s survival. So, get it on the calendar, NOW! Watch it cut down on the insanity in your life!

I’ll report in Tuesday what I did.


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