Lovin’ that John Mayer

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m home late after a long day – but wow it sure was worth it …

Joe, Chelsea, her friend Cody and I bought tickets way back in March to see John Mayer tonight. It was a long wait getting to this evening – heck, it was a long wait tonight getting to hear the feature act!benfolds.jpg

John had two warm-up acts – one of which I really loved – Ben Folds! He was amazing on the piano/keys and I could watch him entertain all night long. He had a stool to sit on by the piano, but I’m not sure he EVER sat through a full song. At one point, he threw off his socks and shoes and just totally let loose. He was phenomenal.

It’s cool too, because he lives here in Nashville part time. He is married to an Australian gal – so they bounce back and forth between continents. Never know, you might run into him someplace around town!

john-mayer1.jpgTHEN, there was the feature act – John Mayer. What a performer! He tears up that guitar – actually about 10 of them. I quit counting. I will have to say I have NEVER seen anyone make the faces he does while he plays – it is almost a distraction. So I simply watch him sing a little while,then turn away and listen.

He sang everything we hoped for him to sing – especially one of my faves during the encore called “Stop This Train” (it has actually been the ringtone on my phone for quite a while.)

Okay, it’s time for some shut-eye. We’ve got a long day tomorrow with a bridal shower kicking the day off at 10am! Goodnight my friends.


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