Posted: August 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

What’s that I see?  Could it be a light at the end of the tunnel?

Okay, so I have been working basically two jobs since the end of July.  And that is okay, because that has been necessary during a transitional time as I have been moving into a new role.

As of today, there is still not a replacement for my old position, so I will continue to dedicate roughly 25% of my time to that role. Truth is, I’m dedicating 100% to my new role, so that is a total of 125% – am I adding correctly?

Regardless, I’m doing what I have to do – that’s life.

Today, I made my first real presentation in front of peers and some upline executive management.  Wowie!   I sure was glad when I was done.

But while I was doing it, I had a ball.  I love telling the story of the women’s ministry work and the strategy behind it to reach women cross this land and around the world for Christ.  Considering I had only been working in that role for 7 days (officially), I believe I passed the first test.   I tend to get a little animated, so I’m sure it was a little entertaining, too.

After it was over, during a break, I ran into the ladies restroom and let out a big “YIPPPPEEEE”.   Of course, I found out I wasn’t alone in there – which provided a little bonus entertainment for anyone within earshot.

In the next two days, I’ll spend 12 more hours in meetings – with only two any where near my office.

So what is getting me through all of this (in addition to your unending prayer support, of course)?  It’s knowing that I have some plans on Friday night that will most certainly be the lead topic of my Saturday blog.  So, stay tuned, as they say.


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