Ready for the week

Posted: August 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

Wow – hard to believe it is late Sunday night. Where did the weekend go?   I don’t know about you …

but time to myself is really slipping away. Most of my work days are wrapped around where everyone else needs me to be.

Sometimes, my weeknights and weekends feel the same way.

Don’t get me wrong – I love all the activity. I am not much of a “sit around the house” kinda gal. My father used to tell me that my middle name was “GO”. If he were alive today, he’d find me “GO-ing” as much as ever.

And it runs in the family. My Dad was a big time “GO-er”. Now, my two girls are on the go constantly. They have always been driven to “do” and not sit still. It’s just an innate thing, I guess.

But these days, I sure wish there was a few quiet moments. I have had very few of those in recent memory. I have two gift certificates for massages, yet I cannot find an hour to enjoy them. If I did, I feel certain I’d have to leave in a rush to be somewhere right after the appointment. It would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

I’m thankful this weekend wasn’t overly busy… mostly just the standard schedule. Joe and I had some breakfast Saturday at one of our favorite weekend eateries – Le Peep in Belle Meade (thanks Nick & Nicole for sharing it with us a couple of years ago). We’ve been regulars ever since! We managed to stay busy close to home until setup time Saturday night – then wrapped up the day the same way we started it – at a restaurant.

Hey – check out Kyoto in Bellevue when you get a chance. It has been open about a week and we’ve been there twice already! The sushi is YUM and very fresh. I could eat my weight in edamame from that place, too.

Sunday at the UC was busy – we’re in leadership training at 8:30am each Sunday until the end of the month. Hard to believe that over half our membership has opted to attend this training! What an encouragement to us!

We try to spend some family time together on Sunday evenings. It’s been fun hanging with Chelsea on Sunday nights as we wind down our weekends, getting ready for the week ahead. Hope you found a little time to slow down and chill out this weekend.

I feel most certain that we are heading into one of the busiest fall seasons we’ve ever known!


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