Thank you Lord for pickin’ me up and carryin’ me around!

Posted: August 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

We’ve all read the poem “footprints in the sand”. Wow, there are those days recently when I know He is the ONLY way I’ve moved from here – to there. About two weeks ago, a lot of reality started to set in …

Beginning with Chelsea. Week one as a senior in high school was awesome. Her classes turned out to be exactly what she had hoped for. She has gone into this year “single” – that is, she has many boys who are friends, but not tying herself down to an exclusive relationship.

I personally think that is what most parents want- especially for senior year. She still has her “favorites”, but I’m enjoying seeing her just have a good time with all her long-time friends – both guys and gals. We are a couple of weeks away from Friday night high school football, concession stand work and weekend band competitions! Has anybody seen my day-timer? my PDA? my cell phone?

And the wedding bells – they are SO close! Stephanie is in town this weekend for the last time before we see her on the beach for the official ceremony. It’s time to tie up the loose ends of the planning (which Steph has done almost ALL of the work). It sure is nice to have an official event planner in the family! She has carried her wedding plan off beautifully. I’m excited because she’ll be in church with us Sunday, as will some other members of my family. We are all getting pumped about getting away and joining her for this special time in her life.

Oh, and as for my new job? I’m loving it. I am inspired everyday by people God has placed around me to help me do what I do. And there is lots to do – and I mean LOTS! Gracious, my meeting schedule has doubled, maybe tripled … I’m doing my best not to take it home with me, to enjoy my evenings and hang out with the family. So far, so good.

And certainly not the least of my priorities – the UC!! WOW – is God working at our church or what?!! God has brought us a long way in six months – and the community we serve hasn’t seen anything yet. We’ve got all kinds of new things in the works.

Stay tuned, as they say.


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