Blessed time with my girls

Posted: August 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Wow – what a surreal feeling – knowing that the next time I see my oldest daughter, we’ll be gathering for her wedding! It’s been a great weekend …

Steph came down this weekend to attend what we called her Tennessee bridal shower. A few of us, mostly from the UC, gathered to celebrate with Stephanie. We had lots of fun, and I know Steph was blessed by the gathering.

Just as much fun was the rest of the day. The girls and I went to my mom’s to swim. It was one of those days we just didn’t get out of the water – it was just too dog gone hot! I don’t ever remember weather in this town being as HOT HOT HOT!

We had a great time, despite the temperature – and it was mostly me being entertained by two of the funniest people I know when they get together. Steph and Chelsea think they are “entertainers”, so when they are together, they “turn it up”. We laughed and laughed.

They were absolutely NO help at church setup. Instead, they grabbed my digi camera and spent the evening snapping photos of themselves “being lazy” around some of the hardest working people I know in the church planting world. I had “scolded them” for being a bit lax in their participation.

Then it hit me.

This would be the last time the two of them just hung out together as “single” sisters. The next time they’d be together, Steph would be the bride, Chelsea the bridesmaid – and some things would simply be different. At the moment that hit me, I encouraged them to do whatever they wanted – run around, act silly, take photos, goof off – enjoy their time as the two young girls I’ve watched grow up into young women. They had a great time together last night and I would forever remember this night they played like they were innocent little children.

At the end of the day, we had loads of photos – somewhere around 125 of them. I’ll upload to my Facebook if you’re interested in checking them out. They’ll make you smile, for sure.

Steph just left and we’re headed to hang out with some friends in Lebanon.

My plan as I wrap up is to be home by early evening – and plop on the sofa for a movie and popcorn before bedtime. We’ll see if that’s how I roll tonight – most times my best plans are not what happens! I am sure you know how that is.

Happy Sunday ya’ll – hope you are feeling as blessed as I am today – to God be the glory!


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