Posted: August 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

lodge_pic.jpgthelodge_area.jpgI am blogging from a hidden retreat in the woods.  I’m not even sure what county I’m in … Maury … Williamson?   Regardless, I’m out of town with my work team and having a great time.

We are at beautiful Deer Run Lodge.  And yes, we ARE working.   Mostly on those things that will prepare us for building our long-term plans.   

We’re also enjoying some beautiful scenery and doing a lot of “bonding”.   I’m here with my new boss, Louis (and he is terrific!), as well as the other five business team leaders (shout out to Bill, Mike, Mary Katherine, Jim and Scott!) 

After a full day of work, we ended the night with some Uno and a game of Catch Phrase.  We are quite the competitive bunch – not to mention the fact that EVERYONE is giving the “new girl” a lot of grief.   But I can take it – I love the attention.  LOL!

We’ll wrap up here tomorrow – then I’m headed to see my NFL quarterback hero, Brett Favre.   Yes,  the Packers are in town to take on our Tennessee Titans in a pre-season game.  My friend Julie and I will be sitting in our seats – Joe will have to watch the game on TV – sorry honey!   Joe isn’t quite the Green Bay fan that both Julie and I are – so WE get the tickets!

Time to roll over and snooze.  I feel like I am sleeping creekside with crickets and birds chirping (it is actually coming out of my radio).   But a REAL thunderstorm is brewing, so I’ll be sleeping well tonight!   Good night.


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