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Pray for Steve’s immune system to stay stable until the chemo starts, if he dips too low they will have to fight infection before they can start treatment again. The good news is that he is in good health in all other areas which means his body will be able to fight this better than if he had other medical problems.

Also, because Denise works for HCA they have great medical coverage so the financial stress will not be quite so overwhelming and also her boss knows the big guys at the hospital and has told the family not to hesitate to ask for anything. Denise will also have 500 hours of emergency medical leave to be with Steve which is a great blessing. Please pray for strength for the whole family.

A lot is happening in the lives of Steve & Denise’s daughters, Carly and Stephanie. They are very sad because Steve will not be apart of some big things going on with them right now. Pray for continued wisdom for the doctors. Pray for peace of mind for all especially Stephanie and Carly who will have to continue working and will not be able to be with Steve as much.

Thanks prayer warriors for remembering and praying for them often!


Tonight was college night.  Let me tell you, nothing drives it home like college night.  We are counting down…


Prayer for dear friends: UPDATE

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

The results of the bone marrow biopsy are in.  Our dear friend Steve Thomas has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.  He is going into immediate isolation for 30 days, and begins chemo tomorrow (Friday).

Never have I ever been at a greater loss for words.   I knew Steve was in the hospital a couple of nights ago, but nothing definite had been determined.

When Steve’s wonderful wife Denise called me yesterday, between tears, I knew she was scared to death.  I tried my best to pray with her – but I just couldn’t get the words out.  Never before had I spoke such utterings, as I knew the Holy Spirit would grasp it and understand my cry on their behalf.  Just move, Lord, just move … I just kept saying.

God shows up in those places where we are in our deepest despair.  I am headed to be with Denise in a few moments – please pray.

Knock knock, anybody home?

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I’m lookin’ around – I guess not.  This can’t be my house!

What is that? The remote just sitting over there on the end table, just waiting for someone to pick it up and turn on the TV.  Looks like I’m in charge around here tonight.

One more thing

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I just gotta say (and I’m sure Pastor Joe will be saying this too), but today at the UC was awesome – love all the new families that are coming to check us out!

Thanks to all the First Impressions Team who park, greet, welcome, usher and love on our church like none other! Our visitors are noticing and that’s a GREAT thing! I am loving working with you all while I fill in for Vicky Anderson who is continuing to heal after her brain surgery a couple of weeks ago.

A note to Vicky – we miss you!! We cannot wait to see you back with us at the UC. We continue to pray for your speedy recovery! We love you!

UC grows before our eyes

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Okay – my house is empty – well almost. It’s just Joe and me. But about an hour ago, we sure had a house full of people …

Because that is what good mamas do. I just drove in from an all day band competition. Chelsea is coming in on the bus, somewhere behind me.

So, like a good mama does, I sit up and wait.

Sure I’ve been up 20 hours – a day that started by helping make 80 sandwiches at 6:30am, and from there we went.

It’s been a great day – and a special thank you to my good friend Julie for joining me for a large portion of it. I sure wish I had offered her up some strong SPF because I sent her back home with a nice sunburn. Sorry ’bout that Jules!

See you in a few hours at the UC. May my baby walk in that door soon. I’m pooped.