Most embarrassing moments

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

Okay, I’m not even sure why I want to do this – but if I share one of my most embarrassing moments, will you share one too?

If you’ve heard it – you can click away. Otherwise, imagine this on America’s Funniest Home Videos:

It was just another weekday at my house. I was up and at it early because I had a plane to catch in a couple of hours. Joe was out the door for an early morning meeting and Chelsea had just left for school.

I HATE to check baggage – mostly because I have no patience at the luggage carousel at the other end of the trip. Therefore, I cram the maximum amount of “we’ll call it necessary junk” in my carry-on bag.

I had just completed my pre-flight ritual of sitting on my luggage, zipping it from two different directions and praying that it would make it through airport security without any delays. As I lifted the bag to take it downstairs, I could already tell that I had come close to over-packing. But time was ticking and I had no time for reevaluating the contents.

At the top of the stairs I managed to carry the bag down the first four or five steps when I decided (for absolutely NO good reason) to swing the luggage around to my other side. In doing so, I lost balance and fell forward on my luggage, just as it was swinging by in front of me.

At that point, my overloaded bag became an Olympic bobsled and I managed to literally ride it (face first) down nine more steps before “landing” in our front foyer, inches from our front door.

I laid there for a moment – what seemed like several minutes. I didn’t even look up – too embarrassed that someone might have seen me. I finally managed to lift my head … take a slow glance around me … just to make sure my run for the gold medal was not witnessed by anyone.

I was safe. I slowly, and carefully, lifted myself off the luggage. Brushed myself off – as I was wearing my dress black slacks, now covered with lint and any other fuzz that, like a magnet, stuck to my pants like glue!

A quick glance in the mirror, a touch up with the lint brush, a swipe of lip gloss and out the door I went.

As time went by and I had nestled into a seat at the gate to wait on my flight, I realized, my body had actually been through a bit of trauma. Within a few hours, I was sore all over and eventually had to admit to my work travel buddies why I was tossing back Advil like there was no tomorrow.

Eventually, I picked up the cell phone and fessed up to Joe what had happened – just in case he was wondering why the carpet on the stairs looked a little cleaner than usual.


Now, how ’bout you? Anything you’d like to share?

  1. Tracey says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh meee. I think I’ve shared enough embarrassing moments in my own blog lately! But, dear friend, I make new ones everyday. I like to keep my chagrin FRESH.

  2. pcase says:

    Hey – where do you think I got the idea!!! I told Joe I was really missing you this week!

  3. Tracey says:

    Likewise! I’ve really had you on my mind, especially with Steph’s big day coming up. How I wish I could just pop over and see your wedding attire! Tell me what you’ve decided upon! Love you!

  4. gingerswann says:

    ha ha ha… it seems like i have a new embarassing moment every week now! i’m jumping on board, ladies! check my blog. 🙂

  5. Tawni Atwood says:

    Pam, I’ve done much, much worse than that! All I can say is that it involves a toilet and the lid being DOWN and me not paying attention. Use your imagination. I actually laughed my hiney off at myself!

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