The UC move is quickly approaching

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

God is just doing some work in me tonight.   I am getting so excited about this move to the Bellevue Regal Cinema 12.   If you haven’t heard already …

September 16 is the big day.  With a big ‘ol theater for our 10am worship … plus a big ‘ol theater for our KidZone and a big ‘ol theater for our nursery!

Who knew we’d be in such a cool place just 8 months into our launch – and hey, the YMCA sure wasn’t a shabby place to start!!   I am so pleased how all of this is coming together.

Anyone reading this – here’s a challenge.  We’ve talked about this many times.   But I challenge each of you reading this to invite and personally bring them to the theater for our first day.  And I’m talking INVITE YOUR UNCHURCHED FRIENDS who might not otherwise go into a church building – but might be intrigued about coming to a movie theater to visit “church”.

We’ve got some good press coming our way on this and we couldn’t be more excited.  But more than anything, we need those who REALLY believe in the vision to reach out and touch someone – more so, reach out and INVITE SOMEONE to join us September 16.

If you’ve invited someone and they have already confirmed, comment me on the blog!  Your invitation and confirmed guest might encourage someone else to do the same!

I love you all so much!


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