Tuesday night and Elvis

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

A couple of weeks ago before our daughter’s wedding, I said to someone “Just get me to Tuesday night, Sept. 18 and I’ll be all good” …

And, indeed, I am.

Wow. Can I just say, it has been a WILD couple of weeks at our house!!! And our poor house has suffered for it, literally. Looks like a tornado went through a good portion of it.

We have been gone more than we’ve been home. Five days out for the wedding started it all.

Don’t get me wrong. Those five days were one of the highlights of my life. But I came back into town, directly into a work schedule of elephant proportions.

So, I decided to eat that elephant, just one bite at a time.

From all day meetings at the office to non-stop church work at night, I began to meet myself coming and going. It all culminated this past weekend with the launch of our church at the new location – the Bellevue Regal Cinema 12. Rehearsal for six hours Saturday. Another six hour day on Sunday. WOW- the day at the UC was amazing.

But it didn’t stop there.

I had women flying in from all over the country for a work project that would begin Monday of this week. So, I stayed downtown to meet with them on Sunday night – we all went to dinner at Maggiano’s at 8pm – spent the night at Union Station – then woke up early for a 7am breakfast and two full days of meetings that ended this afternoon.

Are you pooped yet? I am, just reliving this through my writing.

No matter how you look at it – the rest of the week is looking a bit better. I’ve been counting the days to today.. to this very moment. It is quiet at my house. Joe and I are actually watching what we call “mindless TV” – tonight’s program of choice is a television special on Elvis Presley.

We’ve always been Elvis fans. Can’t help it, being from Tennessee and all. We’ve had the privilege of meeting some key backup singers, band members, and close friends of Elvis through our television work years ago. So we enjoy watching the old Elvis footage.

We were working on-location in 1987 at Graceland during the 10th anniversary of Elvis’ death. It was a zoo there that weekend, with television satellite trucks all over the yard. We sent video feeds, literally, around the world. We’ll never forget that time when thousands upon thousands of people came back to Graceland to remember the king of rock ‘n roll. It was insane!

Speaking of insane – why am I still sitting here blogging. It’s rest time. Catch ya tomorrow.


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