Home sooner than usual

Posted: September 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, doesn’t this just beat all. I may have broken a record this evening. I was home from the office, dinner finished and “into my sleep clothes” by 7:30pm. Someone call the authorities!

Now, I’m parked on the sofa, the soft sound of my new washer/dryer spinning away. I’ll spend the next bit installing Microsoft Office: Mac onto my computer.

My hard drive died a while back. My techno-husband managed to get my hard drive back in working order without a rush to the Apple store for diagnosis – where it is about $75 just to hand the computer over the counter.

Now, I’m reinstalling software, little bit at a time as I don’t have ANY patience with that sort of thing.  Funny I can have SO much patience with many things, BUT NONE with technical stuff.  Blah.


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