Prayer for dear friends: UPDATE

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

The results of the bone marrow biopsy are in.  Our dear friend Steve Thomas has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.  He is going into immediate isolation for 30 days, and begins chemo tomorrow (Friday).

Never have I ever been at a greater loss for words.   I knew Steve was in the hospital a couple of nights ago, but nothing definite had been determined.

When Steve’s wonderful wife Denise called me yesterday, between tears, I knew she was scared to death.  I tried my best to pray with her – but I just couldn’t get the words out.  Never before had I spoke such utterings, as I knew the Holy Spirit would grasp it and understand my cry on their behalf.  Just move, Lord, just move … I just kept saying.

God shows up in those places where we are in our deepest despair.  I am headed to be with Denise in a few moments – please pray.

  1. Andy says:

    My God my Dad, I thank you for sending your son my brother Jesus Christ todied on the cross for us. And God I am praying with a heavy heart For Steve and I Pray for a very powerful healing and I pray that Steve will be healed . I also pray for Steve ,Denise,and the girls be with that family and give them strength, God I believe in your healing power and I believe in a mircle. thank you God for listening to my prayer and thank you for answering my prayer. In your Sons name and in your name Amen. Pam please give Steve and Denise my love and if they need anything let me know Andy

  2. gingerswann says:

    wow. wow. wow. i’ll certainly be lifting up steve and the thomas family.

  3. Cathy Bell says:

    Hey girl! I just found out myself and I am devastated. I tried not to choke up when I left a message for Denise, but man… was that tough. I am still teary but am praying for God’s mercy and peace for Steve and the girls… and the rest of us who are feeling a bit shaken! Love ya.

  4. pcase says:

    As always, God ministered to me through Denise instead of the other way around. It has always been that way. I went by to visit with Denise and their daughter Stephanie on Thursday afternoon. Wow – what strength I witnessed. Two of Denise’s friends from work were also there for part of that time, and I watched as Denise loved on them as much as they were loving on her. Denise KNOWS Who has this in His hands! We are all very encouraged about the treatment plan. We are thankful for Steve’s strong body and that it is ready for the treatments to begin today. I am already anticipating how God will use this for the Kingdom! Praise Your Holy Name, Father!

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