College nights, college visits, it’s hitting home

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

Tonight was college night.  Let me tell you, nothing drives it home like college night.  We are counting down…

Chelsea is narrowing down her college choices and we’re feeling good about what she has on her list.

It felt like I was walking in slow motion, as I scanned table top to table top – wondering which college admissions representative would grab Chelsea’s attention?  Truthfully, her mind was already made up.  She wanted information from two or three specific, then she was done.  And I mean, DONE.

It’s interesting as I listen to her and I hear the words from many of her friends.  Some wise words are flowing, intermixed with some of the most immature thinking I’ve ever heard.   Some of the kids … and I mean kids in every sense … just want to “get the heck out of Dodge”.  You’ve heard the saying.

That is … they are sick of life at home.  They just want to hit the interstate or hop on a plane and go somewhere. Anywhere.  Anywhere parents are not.  It’s sad, really.  One thing is for sure, I don’t see Chelsea “looking to escape”.

What I do see, is an ambitious gal with a dream.  Will she stay home and go to school locally?  Nope.  I never expected that.   But I do expect her to be wise.  I will credit her older sister as much as anyone providing some great influence about the college experience and what it holds.  It also comes with warnings and talks about responsibility.  Grown-up responsibilities.

So, here we sit, with some November 1 priority application deadlines looming.  All I can think is, where is that financial aid application? Thankful that payback doesn’t happen until after college graduation!

Well, this should give me plenty to dream about tonight – praying it won’t turn into a nightmare!  LOL.  Good night.


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