Easing back to blogging

Posted: October 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

It is Sunday night. House is quiet except for Chelsea and a friend watching a movie in the family room … Joe is at a Leadership Conference and I’m just chillin’ with loads on my mind …

I really need to rest this mind AND my body. It’s been one of the busiest weeks of late, so slowing down hasn’t really been an option.

The last two days are a blur.

It was Homecoming at Chelsea’s school with the game Friday night. We had a late night, then turned around and spent 16 hours away from home at an all-day band contest (Band and Field Commanders received a Superior ranking in Prelims).

The band didn’t make the finals competition but we stayed to the very end to watch the incredible bands that DID make it to finals! Glad we did since our band received the two prelim awards during the ceremony at the end!

But we hit the bed about 1am this morning… just a few hours before I had to be up and going to church and then a “college meeting” this afternoon.

It wasn’t until about 10 minutes ago that I gave myself permission to spend sometime online – for the first time this weekend.

I am thankful for that B-12 vaccination I received at work this week, along with my flu shot. Otherwise, I think both my energy and immune system would be a bit more challenged at this moment. Thanks Lord for that additional dose of energy and strength I prayed for!

Sidenote: Joe just sent me a text message. He is beyond pumped about a meeting he is having this very moment at the leadership conference he is attending. He has managed to get some more “personal time” with the folks who are putting on the conference in a more intimate setting. Thank you, Lord, for knowing just what Joe needed tonight.

Good night for now – I’ll ease back into a more regular blogging schedule. Thanks for checking back often this week as I get back in the swing of things!


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