At the end of the day

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Oh … the anticipation of Sunday! It was so full in so many ways. It started off with our Sunday service. Our praise & worship was as good as any day I can recall since the beginning of the year. The message was rock solid. Simply, I felt the presence of Lord…. and it was just the beginning of what God had in mind for the day.

The afternoon was full of football – Titans football. What a travesty. I didn’t even recognize the team that came to play today – or should I say that DIDN’T come to play. It was a pretty pathetic display. Yep, Titans bit the dust today.

But we still had fun. We’re blessed to have one of the Titan’s official press photographers on our UC staff, so we all pile in together with his press pass and park right next to the stadium! Thanks Freddy! Meanwhile, our friends Nancy and Mark also road downtown with us. We were so fired up about the potential for winning today. Oh well. We love our Titans and the season is FAR from over.

Tonight, we were back together as our UC family shared “Second Sunday”. It was a precious time as we shared communion and and praised God through acoustic worship. I’ll allow our pastor to share (in his blog) the more intimate details of what made this service “special” – but it included the ordination of several men into pastoral ministry. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when all was said and done.

So with all this movement of God this weekend, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone when I tell you

1) the battery died on my car

2) the tires on my car have driven their last mile and I will have new tires by end of the day tomorrow

3) my daughter’s car driver’s side window will not roll up. It has come off the track and is totally stuck …

Tonight, my car did fire up without a jumpstart – long enough to pull it out of the garage so we could move Chelsea’s “windowless” car into my garage space. She’ll need a ride to school in the morning. As for me, Joe will spend his time with me in the morning picking out a battery and new tires.

But, in the name of Jesus,. I’ve asked the evil one to flee from my house, my car, my work, my family, etc. GET OUT! Ahhhh, that feels better.

Hummm – it is going to be an interesting week. VERY interesting. Join me in simply “hanging on” !!!


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