The girls

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

I love my work – and tonight I REALLY love it. Why, you ask?

My “daytime job” allows me the awesome opportunity to interact with some of the most amazing Christian women speakers and authors.

Flat out, no question – these ladies are top notch. God has blessed me so much to provide this level of interaction with them. Many of them are here in town for a couple of days for a women’s conference we are hosting. Some 800 women will be busting through the doors of our conference center tomorrow (Tuesday).

As part of the event, these wonderful speakers and authors have agreed to come and lead on platform, as well as speak in break-out sessions and panels.

But for tonight, we hosted them at an amazing dinner downtown. Frankly, it was just insane putting that much energy in one room. While spending my time by the chocolate fountain had its moments – the best moment had to be when one of the authors offered to give me a foot rub! I am not kidding!

You see, her mom is a reflexologist. So, her ability comes naturally! Whoa! It was great!

I had planned to drop by for dinner tonight with the ladies, then head on home. Instead, I got to moving my motor-mouth. (as did everyone else!) Next thing I knew, it was after 11pm and my work pal Christa was worried about me driving home so late.

We love “the girls”. Most of them will be in town until early Wednesday then headed back to their respective homes – from Texas, to Georgia, to Canada and beyond. These gals from everywhere fit like hands in a glove when they come to town! May God continue to richly bless their ministries! It is an honor to serve alongside them!

  1. Christa Horton says:

    I second those emotions of my favorite BHBW! What an honor to serve along side such incredible women of God! These women are so alive in Christ and it shows! I think the flowers & plants in the hotel are still swaying from the whirlwind of their spirits! I felt like a mama hen, just so happy to have all our children home at one time. ha.

    Praying for you my friend, as I know your week isn’t up yet!

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