To laugh or cry?

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

Have you ever just been so tired you don’t know whether to laugh out loud or just break down and cry? Whoa – that is where I found myself tonight!

I know my life is really no different than anyone else. Everyone is busy.

Like my sister for instance. They have sold the house they have lived in for 8 years – will close and move to the new house on Thursday. She is working full-time every day until then. Her nights are packed with loading boxes, etc. They will live in the “mother in law” house in the backyard of their new place until all the painting, flooring and cabinetry is installed next week …. RIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING! It is insane.

Our church is seeing some tremendous movements of God – even in the last 24 hours. So, when I return home from a busy day at work, I am still not resting, as I soak in the details of the day from my hubby. I am thrilled about God’s Hand reaching out and touching us in new ways – but it is a lot to absorb.

Thanksgiving is at our house this year. I am convinced that my mother would just as well eat at Cracker Barrel and call it a day. I’m sure there’s some uncertainty in the air by moving it to our place. We’ve never hosted Thanksgiving – but we finally outgrew the annual event at my mom’s condominium. Just too much family for the space.

Joe and I will be picking up our annual cajun “deep-friend turkey”. There is nothing like it. We’ll throw some side dishes together and some desserts and we’ll be good to go. Just the idea of staying close to home – watching a game or two – and hanging out DOING NOTHING sounds inviting.

Oh? And about the laughing or crying part I mentioned earlier? I never cried. Just thought about it.

You see, I was involved in three separate platform presentations today that took my internal stress level to some new heights. But I survived it with little or no damage! One of the biggies was speaking to a full house in our Chapel. I’ve got two more to go this week – then I’m going to go to sleep.

Thanks, Lord, for seeing me through – and doing what You always do – picking me right up and carrying me across the day’s finish line!


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