Oh yeah, I am alive and well.

Posted: November 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s been a few days since my last blog – but I’m doing great! Thanksgiving was awesome. We had the family at our house for the first time, allowing for some extra room for our growing family…

I think we had 12 people here, plus an extra doggie. Lotsa food, lotsa football, lotsa laughs. Many of us are SO different, but it is great to have us all under one roof for a awhile.

In preparation for the family get-together, we spent some time cleaning and clearing out.  Oh yeah!  LOTS of clearing out.    We took on a huge project within our “storage room”, the place where all of our extra stuff was piling high.   Now, it is cleaned out. It’s the beginning of the same type of overhaul in other spaces within our home.   I like making progress.

At the end of Thanksgiving Day, we popped in on some friends of ours.  Their son attends culinary school but came home for the holiday.  He made us a tremendous “Bananas Foster” without burning down the house!  Yum!

We are layin’ low the rest of the weekend.   We know the upcoming holiday will bring on a lot of activity.  The good news is we’ve decorated for Christmas, including our tree and outdoor lights.  So ho, ho, ho.  Bring on some shopping a little snow and I’ll be a happy camper!


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