Go Big Orange and an update or two or three …

Posted: November 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

This blog is happening while the UT / UK game is going on. Understand, I have HUGE connections with Lexington and UK blue.   So, I have to walk tenderly, although I sure hope the BIG ORANGE comes thru…So far, so good.  That opening play for a UT score sure set the stage for an awesome Vol Nation Day!   Here’s hoping for a BIG WIN for the orange and white.  Otherwise, my night at home will be … let’s just say … yuckie!   Joe is not happy when UT loses.  I am not happy when Joe is not happy.  You get the picture.  

UPDATE #1:  oh no, UT is only ahead by 3 points – :30 seconds left to play (4:22pm).    UK could pull this one out and things are NOT good at my house. 

UPDATE #2:    One more play, and this game goes to OVERTIME (4:30p) and that’s what is happening!!   It is tense at my house.  Tense, Tense, Tense. 

UPDATE #3:   2nd overtime (4:42p),  and they game is STILL going on. Do you realize that President Reagan was in office the LAST time Kentucky beat Tennessee?  (just a little trivia to ease the tension!)

UPDATE #4:  I am about to throw up (4:46p)  

UPDATE #5:  There is a buzz in Lexington – there is SO much at stake in the SEC football world – and it comes down to one right foot and a blocked kick.   It’s going to a third overtime.   I am SO glad my heart is in good shape (4:5op).  

UPDATE #6:  End of third overtime – TN is just moments away from a win – it is all up to one play – and can you believe it???  Game is going into 4th overtime.  Picture this:  Joe is literally DRAPED over the ottoman in front of his chair.  He’s wearing his UT orange shirt – draped over a piece of furniture.  And totally quiet.  He isn’t uttering a word.  Scary.  

UPDATE #7:  OH, Joe is noisy now!   TN just scored – BUT Kentucky has the ball and gets a chance to score – but UT is trying to make it hard on those Wildcats.  I cannot believe we have been watching football since 12:30p  (it is 5:06p). I know most people won’t care about this rambling – but it is therapy for me as it is NUTS at my house and this is somewhat calming my spirit.   All of this over a stinkin’ football game.  

UPDATE #8:  IT IS OVER. IT IS OVER. IT IS OVER.    And it will be a great night at my house as THE BIG ORANGE JUST PULLED IT OUT – winning 52 to 50 !!!   Can you believe that score?  
Joe has just announced he is more tired following this game than earlier in the week when I had him cleaning out 30 trash bags of junk from our house!! 

Look out L.S.U.   Next weekend – you’ll find us front and center watching the Vols take on the Tigers for the S.E.C. Championship.    Dear friend NICK DIAMOND – WHERE ARE YOU!!!  I know you watched this one from Baton Rouge today.  Better head on back to Nashville and brush up on that Tiger Trash Talk buddy – it’s going to be a long week!!


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