Our own personal chef

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

Chelsea has a good friend named Mark.  He is a freshman in culinary school.  So, before he headed back to North Carolina this weekend, we insisted he come over and show off what he had been learning…

Note:  I sure hope Joe puts the “proof” photo on his blog. We had HIGH flames flying over our stove as Mark made us Bananas Foster!  

I thought for sure we’d be seeing volunteer fireman rushing our front door.   Our smoke alarm went off no less than five times while he was cooking! Of course, our smoke alarms are so sensitive, they go off when I simply open the oven.    

Fortunately, Mark extinguished the flames JUST in time!!   Thanks for the great homemade dessert – we can’t wait for you to be home for Christmas!  Yum!

  1. Christa Horton says:

    I’m so foaming at the mouth, reading about the banana’s foster! Chelsea has good tastes in friends, I’d say.

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