Paying it forward year-round

Posted: December 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

UC-er’s will know what I’m referencing as I speak about “paying it forward”.   It was and still is a UC project that we intend to keep going beyond this season, as so many people were touched by God through the kind and generous actions of our UC community …

The Pay It Forward project and the testimonies around it pierced my heart in such a special way. It also affected my thoughts about how I plan to approach my work team on Christmas giving this year.  

In fact, I am planning to share a gift with each of my work team members that they can keep for themselves – but ultimately, I’d like them to consider “paying it forward” to someone else.

Christmas has become so commercialized.  Christmas has become about our own set of expectations.Even Christians can get caught up in over-thinking religious views about this time of year. Why do we have to make this season so complex?   Our pastor will be speaking to some of this in coming weeks as part of his Simply Christmas series.

In addition, I’ve been struggling with the “me” focus of this season.  It has stinkin’ made me crazy, as if the reason for our existence on this earth – especially this time of year – is to focus on what I expect for myself.  

I’m a little taken back by those who are so “me-focused” this time of year with increased expectations for their own personal gain, with little or no thought about what they can do to reach out.  It’s a sad state of affairs when this time of year highlights selfishness.

Folks, that’s just not what our life here is about.

Yeah, you got it. Frankly, I am a bit aggravated at myself, too.  Can you tell?  My mind is spinning as I’ve been bombarded with a combination of “it’s now or never” commercials for seasonal gift-giving. My mailbox has been stuffed full of retail catalogs with even more ideas for showing others how much we care.

Here’s an idea for Christmas giving. Share Christ with someone.

Show the love of God by simply letting others see Jesus in your words, in your actions. And may this practice last WAY beyond 30 days at the end of the year!

People, it’s about the big “E”.  Evangelism, pure and simple.  And don’t let that word scare you.Reaching out to the lost – to the hurting – to those less fortunate – to anyone and everyone who is walking the face of this earth without that personal relationship with the one and only Son of God, Jesus Christ.  

If you happened to land on this blog and find yourself disconnected with God, comment me. I will not post your comment here.  Instead, I will contact you personally. We will get together to talk about getting to know the Savior and boss of my life, Jesus Christ.

THAT is what this season is about to me.


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