When God is moving in people

Posted: December 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

I just have to say, I love watching God move within people. Because when He moves on the inside, you see it on the outside! Our UpRising Church Executive Pastor (Jonathan Ellis) has seen some mighty movements of God in his life recently, and it shows!

So, last night, Jonathan was visiting with our pastor – my husband, of course. It was his usual weekly update meeting. When he hit the door, I knew God was all over about what he was going to share.Now, of course, the meeting was supposed to be with my husband. But as I walked by the meeting room, I just couldn’t help but ask “can I sit in for a minute?”

As Jonathan shared about several “God things” that were going on in his life, I found myself extremely thankful and blessed to call him friend. His words of joy, affirmation and encouragement were so refreshing.I have found that pastors don’t really hear that enough from those who serve with them. Much time is spent by church staffs dissecting issues and opportunities within the body, with a lot of expectation that the pastor keep everyone else “pumped up”.

It was so cool to see and hear that God’s movement in Jon’s life poured right over onto our house last night. He stayed late and that was fine. It was not a meeting of chance, but a God-ordained few hours of sharing. An important time.

As we all have experienced in church planting life, it has its ups and downs. Frankly, no one in their right mind plants a church. But then again, I’ve seen God use a lot of folks who were not in their “right mind”. God so often chooses to bless us —- despite us.

To wrap up this blog, go check out Jonathan’s blog Not only did Jon bless us last night by the genuine excitement in which he shared God’s movement in his own life, God blessed us this evening with some more very kind and very encouraging words from the pen of Jonathan Ellis.  

Thanks Jonathan for doing what I talk about all the time, “Livin’ Out Loud”!!   


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