Just hangin’ and ponderin’

Posted: December 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

Oh, how I appreciate this particular Saturday.  I have been resting, resting. With that, comes ponderin’, ponderin’.I believe I posted earlier in the week that I was walking through one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. Busy, yes. But oh it has been so much more …

It started off with two very full days with Baptist State leaders and the executives from the North American Mission Board.   Then later in the week, we spent some concentrated time with leaders focused on specific areas of ministry work. Of course, my concentrated time was working with women’s ministry state leaders.

We had great times together, great meetings, great worship. Kudos to the head of LifeWay Worship, Mike Harland. The Holy Spirit just flowed through our praise & worship times together.

In fact, God moved in me in such a mighty way through the early portion of this week, that God came pouring out of me onto my husband.  That led to some great inspiration for a series of messages he’ll share before Easter!  Whoa, how God was walking in front of us on that!  

I am encouraged about what is happening in some of the denominational work I witnessed this week. So many times, we find that we have lost sight of why God leaves us on this earth another minute. This week helped us to get our eyes and hearts pointed back in the right direction.

Our focus in our meetings this week, personally, got me back on track where I believe God wanted me to me – and ultimately where I believe He wants us all to be. Thank God for fresh leadership that is waiting and listening to the Lord. I see partnerships and strategic planning for reaching more for Christ – especially right here in North America!

I love how my “day job” flows so easily into my walk alongside my pastor/husband.I am seeing more and more how strategic the evil one can be. He and his demons lurk and work in those places we cannot see. And many times within people, when they are totally unaware. And in “spiritual people” who you assume are walking in lock sync with the Lord, sometimes turn out to just be “a front”.

Just as I had been pondering on that very thing in recent weeks, God used a meeting a couple of days ago to inspire me and challenge my very own vertical alignment to the Lord. My eyes were opened to, not only some of my very own recent downfalls, but to the reality of how easy it is to slip into temptations that will mess with our alignment with the Father.

Sometimes those temptations are as simple as participating in a conversation that does not glorify God. Sometimes those temptations are as simple as allowing a hurt to turn into a hate. Sometimes those temptations are as simple as a judgmental attitude that exudes “it’s my way or the highway”.

I asked God for forgiveness where I failed Him in recent weeks and months in several areas… and in some of the very areas I mentioned above. I also realized that when we, as church planters, find ourselves in those states of weakness – God will not bless the work. This falls on anyone and everyone involved in church service.

God showed me His grace and freed me of those burdens – and I rejoiced in finding myself back in line so that I could be used for His glory in a more powerful way.

Now, where are you today? Have you checked your ‘vertical alignment’ lately? In absolutely everything you say and do, are your showing Christ-like love and character?

I told my hubby yesterday, I can just see God watching over each and every one of us – wishing to pour out blessings to us by the bucket. Yet, we act one way on Sundays – then go out into the world and let others see our absolute worst ways the rest of the time – the weak, evil sides that do not glorify The One Who gave His life for us.

I owe God much more than a prickly attitude and mind set on Godless words and actions. My prayer is that you, too, would consider that in your walk – challenge your vertical alignment in all that you do. God deserves nothing less than our total commitment to Him. Not just this time of year … but 365 and 24/7.

  1. Tim Kurek says:

    Great blog, and it was good seeing you today at church! I’m wearing my UC shirt to Bellevue mall soon, and am going invite some people to church… It is time to get this show on the road. We have had a year where a great foundation has been laid and we know who God has given us to be true allies in this ministry, and now it is time to really get started! Talk to you soon.

    tim kurek

  2. pcase says:

    Tim – great to have you back in town. Florida’s loss is our gain! God is doing some amazing things, huh?!! Lot’s more to come – things are really shaping up. We are thankful you want to be a part! Look out Bellevue!

  3. Tim Kurek says:

    Heck ya! Bellevue watch out! The cool thing is that we are a family now, all of us, and how much more powerful does that make us in Christ?!!!!! I am so stoked to see what we can accomplish this next year, cause with the Spirit behind us, there is no stopping us. Talk to you soon!

    tim kurek

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