Weather People

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

Okay, I can say this because I was married to one for years ….Weather People … CUT OUT THE “CHICKEN LITTLE” FORECASTS!!  

Ahhhh, that feels better.  

It’s been going on all week.   Local weathercasters beefing up their forecasts with “hints” that it will snow tonight.   I am officially over it.   And don’t tell me that is NOT what they do – cause they do.  I have an inside track on that one.

This is what happens as it relates to the church.  And it starts early in the week.

About Tuesday, we start hearing the weather people on local TV start using the “S-word”.   Just enough to perk up our ears.  And enough to get our kids all jacked up on the idea they will miss a day or two of school before the holiday break begins. It puts ideas in parent’s heads like “once we get home on Friday, we’ll plan to stay in for the weekend.”

It is pathetic.

A little online research of my own and I find there’s not near enough evidence that I need to beat a trail to Kroger and Publix to stock up my pantry.  

Meanwhile, it is the talk around the office.  It’s the talk with family across state lines. And it is definitely the talk when it comes to going to church on Sunday.

You see, most of us (if we will admit it) LOVE to sleep in.  And it seems that sleeping in on Sundays feels different … better … than other days. I’m not sure what that’s about.

So when the weather people start talking a little bit of snow in the forecast, it is easy for little minds to wonder “will the roads be too dangerous to drive to church on Sunday?” or “maybe we can just sleep in, turn up the fire and enjoy some waffles and extra crisp bacon – catch a little preachin’ on the tube”.  

Trust me, that is where many with go in their minds – many times if there is just a “hint” that the forecast may bring something a little different than normal. 

My encouragement is this – the weather channel is indicating we are in good shape for tomorrow.  It’s gonna be a little cooler than of late, so throw on a coat.

My prayer is that you’ll discard the promotional verbs and nouns used by TV weather people to get you all whacked out about a little nip in the air and a possible snowflake or two.

Trust in the Good Word that will be delivered on Sunday through awesome worship and a great Message.  I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the UC – 10am !!


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