Mall Mommas

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

We were out there EVERYWHERE today – us “mall mommas”.    Every teenage girl I know must have been shoppin’ with their momma today …

It was fun. Chelsea had gift cards and cash burning a hole through her handbag. So, after a quick church meeting with Joe this morning, Chelsea and I headed south.

The traffic and crowds weren’t that bad. I left Chelsea to do her thing while I ran some of my own mall errands. While browsing, I ran into my administrative assistant from work. We chatted it up like we hadn’t seen each other in years – then saved some conversation for next week when we get back to the office. I just love Teresa!!

I bought a new battery for my favorite watch. (bored yet?) Then, found a killer $80 fluffy pink bath robe on sale for $20 at Bath & Body Works. The sale in that store was insane. Check it out tomorrow if you are a B&BW fan – sale continues.

Ahhhh, l just love a good sale – and I’ll always pass it along.

As for Chelsea – the mall will never be the same. She breezed in and out of her fave retailers with one mission in mind – SPEND! She successfully spent enough to make her happy, while leaving some cash in the bank and some “gifts” left on the gift cards. Six hours later, we headed back home.

I am now counting down to tomorrow, my hubby’s birthday. And I have plans. I always have plans. He always knows I have plans. I always know he knows I always have plans. But that’s okay. Birthdays are always fun around our house… party on.


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