Another year and mighty fine!

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

My hubby is celebrating a birthday today – doesn’t matter which one.  I am extremely thankful for all birthdays, aren’t you? Today, it’s been all about whatever he wanted to do …

It started at Le Peep, one of our fave eateries on the west side. Then a stop at “Bux” to relax, etc. I love people who work at our “home base” Starbuck. I know they love us too. We know most of those who work there. Joe spends a lot of time there having meetings, etc, during the week. So we are about to have a section named after us! Not really, but it does feel like home there.

We ran some errands. I even made Joe go with me to pick up his birthday cake – THEN wouldn’t show it to him! LOL. I loved that.

Anyway, our celebrating will continue through tonight. Gotta love any excuse to eat cake!
And much love to the birthday boy!!


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