Almost too tired to post

Posted: December 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Just as I started typing, I felt an overwhelming urge to stop.  Close my notebook and blog again another day … then I just kept typing …

It’s been a long day around our house. It started early. Joe and our executive pastor got together this morning for a 1/2 day planning session. 2008 should be a big year for our church as we hop into year #2 of existence, so working the plan will be imperative. Since the guys planned to meet at our house, I offered to cook them breakfast to help get ’em going.

So, that’s what they did. They ate. Then they planned. And planned some more. Are they done? No way. There is so much to get down on paper. They’ll continue Monday and beyond.

Like clockwork, at 12 noon, the guys wrapped up. That was the cue for Joe and me to head out for the day. We didn’t get back in until 8pm this evening after a full eight hours all over town. We had some gift returns at Green Hills. I did some shopping while Joe went to a meeting.

I managed to shop without buying anything. Joe’s favorite form of shopping.

It’s quiet around the house now – except for the sound coming from the Giants / Patriots football game. Nothing like blogging to the NFL. Chelsea is over at her boyfriend’s house. I don’t expect to see her before midnight since her boy just returned from a week in Destin & Key West. She is glad he’s home, for sho! When she’s happy, I’m happy.

No sleep for me yet. I’ll sit up until she cruises in at the stroke of 12.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day – beginning with our last service of 2007 at the UC. We’ll honored to have friends and pastoral staff from Bellevue’s Designer’s Church with us. We love them very much. They lost the lease in the building where they were meeting, so we invited them to join us for a couple of weeks.

Our day will wrap up glued to the tube. Our Titans will be playing last year’s Super Bowl Champions – Indy Colts. Game time 7pm. A win means the Titans go to the NFL playoffs. Somewhere in between church and the game, I’ll take away our Christmas decorations and place them in their “closet home” until Christmas 2008. That is always a sad ritual.

Wow – for someone too tired to post a blog – I managed to throw down quite a few lines. I’ll go back and read ’em again tomorrow just to make sure they made sense. I know. I know. “Making sense” is a relative term for me. See you somewhere on Sunday – hoping it’s at 10am at the UC!!


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