Down for the count

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

It is official.  The New Year’s party wrapped up about 9:30 this morning!  That’s right, it was the party that just kept on giving … 

The boys cleared out at 3:30am. The girls never really went to bed.

Around 7am, breakfast was served and some of the boys came back for hot cinnamon rolls, juice and coffee. As the sun came up, one by one they wandered out to head home. The house was clear by 9:30am.

And as for the condition of the house? SPOTLESS! Everyone helped Chelsea clean up, load the dishwasher and wipe down the tables. The floors were clean too. I was speechless!

At 9:45am, Chelsea brought both Joe and me a cup of freshly brewed coffee and announced there were cinnamon rolls for us, too! What a great kid!

Looking back, I am extremely glad we gave Chelsea our blessing on this gathering. It was a safe place for Chels and her friends to hang out. I checked on them at one point around 2am and they were all crowded in the dining room playing Cranium. At other moments, there was some stiff bowling and boxing competition on the popular Wii.

The music never stopped – it blared straight through for about 8 hours.

As for Chelsea, she is now face down in a pillow. I honestly don’t expect to see her come down until the sun sets.

Sleep well.

  1. tracey says:

    How cool is that? Love it! I hope Jessye will follow that same path and have friends over here for parties over these next few years of high school!

    Currently she and her friends, Amanda, Chris, and Dylan are at the movies. She just called and asked if they could make it a double feature. We agreed. They’re about to see the newest National Treasure movie next. Sounded like they were all having a great time!

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