Well, it’s back to work

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know.  I’m probably irritating a few people.  More than once, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been off work for over two weeks. I know I am beyond blessed to be able to do that.

Those around me who have been working on and off through the holidays are ready for me to “shut up already” about being away from the office so long. I feel most certain that even my family is VERY ready for me to get out of the house and out of their way.

Well, I go back tomorrow.

It’ll be tough in a lot of ways. Mostly because I have so much to do. January is a busy month in general. Thank goodness for a 3-day week to ease me back in gently.

Lord, thank you for this time of rest. Thank you for the most wonderful family and tremendous friends. I praise You for Your work in our lives and through our church. We are excited about what You hope for us in 2008 and beyond. I’m humbled that You could use me to reach out to our community and beyond. May I stand firm on Your Word and not be swayed by the ways of the world. It is with great joy that I serve You, Lord. May others see that very thing in all that I say and do.


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