Happy 4-0 to one of my best buds

Posted: January 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Tracey Malone – oh how I wish I were celebrating with you in person today!mail.jpeg

Tracey and husband, Terry, led our Praise & Worship at our first church plant. We love them so much and rarely a week goes by that Tracey and I don’t bend each other’s ear – in fact, we talked just last night!They now live so far west in Tennessee they are about to fall off.

Well, Tracey is four decades old today. FINALLY! What took you so long, girl? Here are photos from her office birthday celebration – they love her as much as I do! I couldn’t wait to get birthday wishes to her, right here right now!mail-1.jpegIf you know Tracey, feel free to comment her right here – she’ll see your well wishes, as she is a regular reader AND commenter on this blog. Clearly, she has nothing better to do.

Tracey, I love you like a seester. Thanks for being there even though you’re there and not here! You know what I mean!


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