Just checking in before checking out

Posted: January 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m pooped.   And I’m leading a 7-hour meeting tomorrow at work.  So this one will be short and sweet…

Whoa – that was some message God used Joe to lay on us this morning! We’ve already been getting some great feedback. There’s nothing like a little – okay, a LOT – of Truth to kick one in the backside. It sure let me have it, personally.

The message title for next Sunday is RUDE IS THE MOOD! Who will join me in sitting close to the front for this one?

Announcement: UpRising Church moves back to the YMCA in Bellevue on Feb. 3. Mark it on your calendar. And bring a friend. If you already work out at the Y, lean over and ask the person working out next to you on the treadmill?!! If you love your co-worker and even if you don’t, invite him or her to join you for our first Sunday back at the YMCA! It will be an awesome day – let’s agree to kick off our next year by reaching out to others like we never have before!


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