The one-millionth time

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay – so I have listened to Monk & Neagle’s latest project “The Twenty-First Time” for the ten-zillionth time ….

I just love those two guys – 12 years together as friends and singing these kickin’ pop/acoustic tunes for God! Thanks to dear friends Nick & Nicole for turning me onto them some years back when they recorded their first project. I’ve been downloading their tunes ever since.

But wowe zowie – this new project hits home. And right where we all need to be. Especially that title cut “The Twenty-First Time” … with lyrics that challenge us to love the unlovable. It goes like this:

“He may be a drifter who’s grown old and gray
What if it’s Jesus and I walk away
I say I’m the body and drink of the wine
But I pretend not to see him for the Twenty-First Time”

Understand, I’ve loved the unlovable as long as I can remember. In fact, been drawn right to them. Hey- there’s been more times I want to admit being downright unlovable myself!

YIKES – please, Lord. Don’t let that be me… don’t let me be the one who pretends not to see!

I’m especially touched these days as we minister to a relative who has been in and out of residency at the local Rescue Mission. I am thankful for the wonderful friends at our church who have been investing and loving on him so much! You have no idea how that ministers to me, too!

And if you really want to be touched, give a listen to “That’s What Soldiers Do” on this same project. You talk about pulling on your heart! That one has personal meaning too as we watch my nephew head out to sea on the USS Vicksburg at the end of January, serving us proudly in the US Navy!! We love you, Keith! I know God is watching over you so we can be at peace.

Thanks Monk & Neagle for the writing inspiration as your lyrics & music pump through my head this afternoon. I thank God for inspiring Monk & Neagle!


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