Let go. Let God. Keep it real.

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Lord sure is doing a number on me these days. That is, I am working so hard to let go of “control” in my life.

There are so many things around me that I try to control. For instance. I am a mom. A good one, I think. But, a mom all the same. Moms are control freaks. I’ll just call it like I see it. We want all of our little ducks in a row. And let’s face it. There’s just no way to control all the ducks. But as a mom, we sure will try.

My work. You know, the day job. I’ll say this. There sure is plenty of room for God to work because it’s all WAY bigger than I am. Yet, day in and day out, God equips me to do what He has in store for me at any given time. It works better, you see, when I let go.

At home. It is running me ragged. We have lots going on. The UC moving back to the Y in February. Plans, plans and more plans. Yet, another place where we are leaving plenty of room for God to work. When God is truly leading – and we are truly listening – every day will bring a “Wow in Jesus Name!” Just let go, Pam. Just let go.

Oh, and Chelsea’s senior year is about over. Seriously, one more spring break, a prom and let’s call it a day. I cannot believe that we are this close to watching her cross that platform in her cap and gown. Let go, Pam. Look at how He works!

I see her getting excited. I see me crying my eyes out. Let go.

Yet, she (just like Stephanie did about 8 years ago) is growing into such a wonderful young woman.

All of this to say – God just keeps telling me to let go and “keep it real”. It’s like, He’s got it all handled. But He is depending on me to be. Simply be … by looking up to Him, reaching out to others and making the name of His son, Jesus, famous in all that I do.

Okay, I can do that. It’s actually a pretty simple task. Let go. Let God. Keep it real. Thanks Lord. I’m on it!


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