When do pastors rest?

Posted: January 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

It just struck me today that I just don’t see Joe resting much these days. It started earlier in the week when I was trying to reach him by phone on a day he had back-to-back meetings.

That was just Monday …

It continued into the week. Studying. Meeting. Driving from one side of town to the other to accommodate others’ schedules, too. Studying. Meeting. It’s endless. And somewhere in all of that, he managed to spend a good deal of time with us, Mom and daughter, having dinner, watching a movie, enjoying “normal” time.

Truthfully, the last few years when he was working his “day” job at the TV station, AND pastoring, I couldn’t understand how he was getting everything done. But God managed to equip him for that period of his life. There was no other answer than God carrying him through and surrounding him with great people to help him.

That is why God doesn’t call everyone to do this “pastor thing”. I just don’t know too many people who would, on purpose, work like that.

Back during those TV days, Joe was keeping it professional on the air, while behind the scenes, he was working a delicate balance with other “bi-vocational volunteers” to keep the church boat floating.

Since Easter last year, and Joe’s resignation from the TV work, I guess I thought it would slow down. You know, give him even more time to lead and direct the vision of the work God gave him. Maybe even … rest.

But quite the opposite. He is as busy, in fact, busier than I can ever remember.

Sure, a lot of it is self-imposed. It’s what pastors do. It’s who they are. They give and give – more than most people know. I know, because I live with it..

You see, I see the same thing at my office. I work with several pastors – those trying, also, to keep that delicate balance. What keeps them going?

It’s the passion for Christ and that deep-burning desire to reach the lost so that the dying world would have a chance at an eternal life with God. It’s what moves them from the inner most part of their being.

So, not only do I see “that look” at the office, I come home to it every day.

I see this Godly man, head buried in the Word, waiting and listening for God to give him direction. Is he perfect? Heck no. Nobody is – although I think there’s an expectation he should be. Hey, there are days I expect “perfect”. I couldn’t be more out of line when I do.

Right now, honestly, I just want Joe to be able to get a little rest. He, along with every pastor out there, seems to bust it 24/7. And it is way more than what ends up on the platform at 10am Sunday morning.

If you’ve got any ideas on how I might encourage this man I love so much … or how I can force him to slow down a little… even for just a little while, let me know.


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