Tragic loss for Rick Burgess’ family

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

You know him as “Rick” from Rick and Bubba radio show. They’ve been on radio in the Nashville area for years.

In a FACEBOOK message I received early this morning (as a member of the Rick N’ Bubba Fanatics Group), I found out that Rick’s 2-year-old son, Bronner, passed away from an accidental drowning on Saturday…

Go to my husband’s blog.

Joe shared the news , also, to our congregation at UpRising at our 10am service. Hearts just hurt, plain and simple.

Nashville loves Rick and Bubba. These guys are tremendous Christians. Do I know them personally? No. But I am friends with those who do. And I know God is in control and has already done mighty things through little Bronner’s death. Just do some internet reading and you’ll see how the message of Christ is flowing through it all.

Please pray for the Burgess family. Pray for Bubba, Speedy, Don Juan, and the other members of the radio show family. Pray for the listening audience, too, as the radio family will be touched coast to coast through syndication and around the world through the internet listeners.

I know that Rick, his wife Sherri, their four children, extended family and friends will know that you’ve reached out to them through your prayers.


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