Until you have children

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Until you have children, you probably won’t understand the depth from which I am writing tonight. I’m talking about a love that is simply indescribable until you experience it.

Joe and I just spent the last 24 hours out of town. It wasn’t planned too much in advance, but came at just the perfect time …

Our oldest daughter was married in the fall of last year. We had not made it up to see their new house. We had a stack of Christmas presents that we had not delivered to them from other relatives. And frankly, we just needed to be somewhere else for a while.

So off we went, with Chelsea and her boyfriend Ryan in tow.

Because we’ve had a most unusual week – I’m not sure we really understood what God had in mind by lifting us out and placing us on a northbound interstate.

But in the hours just before leaving, it all started to make sense. Truthfully, God was doing some mighty fancy craftsmanship before we headed out of town. Probably just to set a tone of relaxation and some reassurance that “He’s got this one handled”. And so it goes.

We spent 24 hours with “the kids” and had a ball. A late, and I mean LATE night movie at a theater, tons of laughs and sleeping in was just what the doctor ordered. Then Starbucks, the “hot light” at Krispy Kreme, more laughs, great sales at the mall, a few “friendly” games of Wii Sports … it all added up to feeling like we’d been gone for days (slight exaggeration!)

There’s something special about the role your children play in your lives. Especially as they grow older and God allows them to minister back to their parents. I heard some pretty wise words this weekend. Oddly enough, sound God-inspired words I recall using myself a few times, but now they were coming back at me in full force as if God was again saying “I’ve got this handled”.

We felt reassured. And more than anything, we felt loved. We sure needed that, too.

It’s nice to be part of a family where you know you belong. Where those around you love you for who you are – even when you’re not perfect. Thank goodness for my children. I know God says that about us every day. And I know it blesses Him when we love him right back.

Our kids did that for us this weekend. God used them to help fill us up for what lies ahead. And we are ready.

  1. Tim Kurek says:


    I am so stoked you guys got the vacation! Lord knows, you guys needed it… I hope you know that you are loved by more people than just your family members. You and Joe have become family to me in the last year and I am so blessed to know you guys! Just know, I pray for you both regularly and am here if you ever need anything. I am with you in the fight!

    James 1:2-3,
    tim kurek

  2. Pete Wilson says:

    Pam- I have always thought that I was in the best season of parenthood (kids-6,3,1). However, I’m reminded in your post that some of my best parenting days are still ahead. What a cool blessing to watch you guys enjoying your kids as they continue to grow. I guess our influence with them never ends.


  3. tawnimichelle says:

    Pam and Joe,
    I know what it’s like not being able to see your children as often as you want and need to. Being a ” mommy” to 2 teenagers and a 8 yr. old is a blessing to me. Listen to me when I say this: through all of the hardships, wonderful blessings, laughter and tears, Linc and I are there with you and are committed to bringing the un- churched into UpRising to hear the wonderful word of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ! We consider you, Joe and the rest of UpRising our family and we adore each and every one of you!

  4. pcase says:

    Tawni – this most recent comment has blessed me more than you may ever know. I read it to Joe as we sat together this evening in our family room. It’s quiet here tonight, so your words echoed as if someone shouted them from a mountaintop.

    Actually, I know that Someone did shout those those words! Thanks be to our Daddy in Heaven who showed His love for us through your kind and heartfelt words. We love you guys!

  5. Tim Kurek says:

    Tawni- I definitely agree! It is so exciting to be a part of Uprising right now, as we are moving back home and realizing more and more what it means to be a literal spiritual FAMILY!

    Joe and Pam- Thanks for following the Lord and giving us a place to worship in a family. There is nowhere but up to go now!

    tim kurek

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