Pam is a Ham

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Alright, that is NOT news to any of you who know me. I love broadcasting. I love TV. And if you get me in front of a camera in the right situation, I can be a total ham …

Well, I am not alone. One of my gal pals from the office is quite the ham bone herself. Her name is Paige. And she proved it today. We have quite the chemistry – at least in our own minds! LOL.

She and I shook up a local TV studio today and it will NEVER be the same. Trust me.

Meanwhile, we were honored to be working with some of the absolute BEST production guys in the business. From producer/director to audio to lighting and camera ops and makeup. These people were top notch and incredibly patient with two wild and wacky gals who just love to “talk women’s ministry”. So that’s what we did with cameras rolling.

We’ll see how this thing turns out. It’s headed to post production for the next two/three weeks. If all goes well, it will be one of three of these we’ll do this year with some coast to coast coverage, plus some views on the web.

So, as they say, stay tuned.


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