Oh yeah … we REALLY needed this

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Sometimes you just have to buy something because you “want” it.  So we did …

But hey, I’ll settle for anything that’ll bring our teenage daughter out of her room to interact with the rest of the fam.

So, we bought a Wii.  That’s right.  I know what you’re thinking … “did you REALLY need that?”   The answer is no.   But we had played this over the holidays and knew that Wii might bring some fun, competitive family time to the living room.  And it has.

The sports package that comes with the basic game is pretty nice, without buying anything extra.  The golf is already making Joe crazy.  Just watching him play really makes Chelsea and me laugh.

I personally like the tennis, and I get stoked about the bowling, too.  It’s great when you have a group at the house.

Wow – video games have come a long way since “Pong”.   Not that I remember Pong or anything.  I just read about it in history books.  LOL.

  1. you will love it! we do. and yes, it’s much better if you have a group and even better if you can capture your husband on video when he doesn’t know you’re there! 🙂

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